ARC5D Step by Step Walkthrough Videos

By Eric Bobrow

Jul 24

The ARC5D Step by Step Walkthrough Videos are a reference library showing in detail how to set up your ARCHICAD model to derive accurate quantity takeoffs and cost estimations.

John Hallgarth is preparing the Example Projects and recording his process so that you can watch over his shoulder as he gets everything organized and in place, and assigns cost codes and other attributes to the model elements.

Some of these videos are already available as of July 23, 2019; others will be produced and posted over the coming weeks.

Members will have permanent access to these video recordings in the member area of the website.

The member site is currently being set up. Please watch your inbox for announcements over the next few days and weeks.

If you need any assistance, or have any questions, please email

 - Eric Bobrow and John Hallgarth

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