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Want to Master ARCHICAD?
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Archicad Best Practices 2020 Course

My Comprehensive, Fully Up to Date Archicad Training and Coaching Program.

Ideal for users of any level, beginners through advanced.

BONUS: Includes membership in my Archicad Coaching Program, so you can get my personal assistance on your ARCHICAD questions.

Regular price $997, save 50% during this sale!

My Best Practices 2020 program offers guidance and support on:

  • Best Practices methods for using ARCHICAD effectively and running projects efficiently
  • Carefully organized curriculum covers both daily usage and project management
  • Personal assistance on ARCHICAD questions in weekly live group coaching webinars
  • Immediate access upon enrollment, watch videos any time or download for reference
  • For a complete description of the 2020 program:

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ARCHICAD Best Practices 2020 PLUS Masters of ARCHICAD Bundle

The Ultimate ARCHICAD reference library

The full 2020 course and Coaching Program (as listed above) PLUS a suite of training courses by Masters of ARCHICAD on a variety of supplemental topic areas.

These materials will help you push the limits of your understanding and optimize your workflow. A reference library to treasure for years.

Regular Price $1497 - Only $697 during this sale - save $800 - more than 50%!


Click HERE for a complete description of the Masters of Archicad Bundle on the home page of this website
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Bundle of the 2020 Course PLUS 6 Additional Courses AND Recordings of 2 Groundbreaking Summit Conferences including:

  • Advanced Best Practices Course - Tim Ball, Andreas Lettner and Eric Bobrow - the only course of its kind covering the full lifecycle of a complex project - concept thru working drawings!
  • Timothy Ball (UK) – Highly Detailed 3D Modeling: Create Working Drawings Without 2D Drafting
  • Andreas Lettner (Austria) – CineRender Methods, Tips & Tricks
  • Gary Lawes (UK) – Practical, Parametric Object Making Using GDL
  • Roderick Anderson (Costa Rica) - ARCHICAD & BIMx Strategies to Optimize Design & Construction
  • Masters of ARCHICAD Summit I & II - a total of 24 inspiring presentations

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ARCHICAD Coaching & Support


Archicad Coaching Program

The Archicad Coaching Program is a web-based learning community.

Interactive group coaching webinars (up to 4 hours in length) are currently offered on a weekly basis.

Sit back and watch a coaching clinic to learn from other people's questions, or ask for help and get YOUR problems handled.

Regular price $297/year, save 34%!

I take the questions that come in and creatively weave the demonstrations to apply Best Practices principles for each challenge. 

No question is too simple or too advanced – all are welcome!

I'll even open up your project file and fix it on the spot and send it back to you!

Monthly plan is normally $47, now only $37!

TIP: The Archicad Coaching Program is INCLUDED as a free bonus in the Best Practices 2020 Course offer above!

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Archicad MasterTemplate 24

The world's most popular independent Archicad template, with over 1600 users from 83 countries.

MasterTemplate gets you better organized and more productive in 90 days - guaranteed!

It features a robust yet fully customizable office standard that embeds Best Practices methods into the project structure.

Click HERE for all the details on MasterTemplate (opens in new tab so you won't lose your place)

Time Savers are built in to give you quick access and productivity:

  • Commonly used elements are quickly accessed using MasterTemplate's Interactive Legends of Visual Favorites
  • A comprehensive framework for every element and development phase in your project workflow
  • Step by Step videos provide a quick on-ramp to your new world of enhanced productivity, along with a comprehensive reference manual with guidance and tips
  • Detailed Sampled Project provides an educational resource that helps you understand how all the pieces fit together

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ARC5D - The Estimating Solution for ARCHICAD

ARC5D is a collaboration between Eric Bobrow and John Hallgarth of ContraBIM.

John pioneered the C5D Estimating System, which allows users to derive detailed quantity takeoffs and cost estimates directly from the model. C5D leverages ARCHICAD's virtual building analysis and reporting framework in conjunction with Excel's tools for organizing and linking data.

The ARC5D collaboration includes a Quantity and Cost Estimating Course, an Implementation Coaching Program, and a hybrid template that marries MasterTemplate with the C5D system. Detailed walkthrough videos and real-world example projects (a 10 story commercial building and a beautiful residential design) help users understand the system in depth.

John has recently set up a new membership website with additional bonus tutorials and startup sequences to make it as easy as possible to get rolling and implement ARC5D on your next project.

Below you will see options for purchase of the Course, the AMT+C5D MasterTemplate, or a bundle that includes both.

ARCHICAD Quantity and Cost Estimating Course

The only course to teach you how to derive accurate quantity takeoffs & cost estimates from your ARCHICAD models throughout the project lifecycle. An integral part of ARC5D, the Estimating Solution for ARCHICAD.

Also available as a bundle with AMT+C5D MasterTemplate - see below for details.

  • 7 Video Lessons covering the principles of accurate modeling, classification and data organization
  • Includes downloadable QuickStart Kit and Excel template to help you get started with the estimating framework 
  • BONUS: Excel Best Practices and Tips and Tricks teach how to get the most out of the data reports
  • BONUS: Implementation Coaching Program recordings from live sessions answering questions from users.
  • AIA Approved for 10 LU of Continuing Education Credit

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AMT+C5D MasterTemplate for ARCHICAD 24

Derive quantity takeoffs & cost estimates from your ARCHICAD models throughout the Project lifecycle.

The beautiful marriage of two robust products: MasterTemplate integrates ARCHICAD Best Practices Methods into the project file structure; C5D adds the framework for quantity and cost estimating, analysis and reporting inside ARCHICAD and thru Excel.

With a combined value of $397 + $750 = $1147, this package normally retails for $797.

Includes built-in Excel estimating framework, and extensive library of assemblies and components already cost-coded (yet easy to update for your local costs and suppliers).

  • Includes two fully built-out sample projects supplied by architects in the U.S. and Canada:
  • 10 story commercial building, fully coded with quantity and cost data and linked to Excel for reporting
  • Elegant 3 story hillside home with beautiful detailing shows how to apply ARC5D to residential projects

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BUNDLE: AMT+C5D MasterTemplate plus ARCHICAD Quantity and Cost Estimating Course

Get the AMT+C5D MasterTemplate PLUS the full training course on quantity and cost estimating.

Save $800 on the TOTAL package!

  • Everything you need to get up and running quickly
  • Immediate access to the course, the coaching program recordings, the template and the sample projects
  • Technical support from ContraBIM's John Hallgarth as well as Eric Bobrow

Full 90 Day Money-Back Satisfaction Guarantee

I personally guarantee your satisfaction with your purchases of my ARCHICAD training, coaching and template products.

Try them at no risk. If you have any questions or problems, I'll be there to help. And if you don't feel they are worth far more than your investment, just contact me for a prompt refund.

I've been working with ARCHICAD users for over 30 years, and deeply care about your success.

If you have any questions or concerns, drop me a line at

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