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  • As a member of Eric’s training material since day one, he and his resources have been invaluable in my quest to MASTER ARCHICAD. I started with his QuickStart Course and quickly gravitated to viewing the topic specific material in his Best Practices Course. Assembled in a logical fashion, I quickly gained confidence with Archicad.

    In addition to well over a 100 hours of brilliantly structured, and well thought out Getting Started and Best Practices course material, Eric’s MASTER TEMPLATE is an exceptional work of Art and IS the Foundation of your Archicad Project – it is mine. Every project has a structured set of parameters, and what Eric has prepared in MASTER TEMPLATE is Perfection! Having virtually everything built-in to chose from for your practice, makes Master Template the basis for all of my projects.

    If that’s not enough, Eric also provides weekly Coaching Call sessions with members. Eric uses his 30 years of Archicad experience and knowledge to help us with project specific issues one-on-one in Live Webinars. Whether you’re new to Archicad, or simply in need of a refresher, Eric is MY GOTO Master Of Archicad. If you own Archicad or are thinking of making the move, I encourage you to explore his many FREE YouTube videos and see for yourself. I think you, too, will agree. He is a true Master of Archicad.

    Eric, If not for you, I would not have made the move to Archicad. Your material, your dedication to share your knowledge, and the personal support you have provided, has transformed my business. Thank you!

    • Thank you Scott – I appreciate your kind words and will keep working to provide the highest quality training and support!

  • Nice work Eric. I also like the simplified website. Much easier and intuitive to follow. Do you know when the transcripts will be available for each lesson? I like to combine them all into one PDF for Topic Searching and cataloging timeline.

    • Hi Scott – I have just posted the transcript for this lesson. I am working with a professional transcriptionist to create these text versions of the videos; it depends on how fast they turn it around and when I get a chance to upload it. I’m aiming to get these ARCHICAD training lesson transcripts up within 24 to 48 hours of the broadcast, but sometimes that is not possible.

      I’m glad you’re finding the transcripts useful! I’d love to hear from other course members – are they helpful?

    • Scott – Thanks for catching the issue. The video on the page was correct, however the download link was not. I have corrected this, and the download link should work properly.

  • Eric, thanks for addressing my issue with the slow regen times. Playing around with it myself, I found that changing walls back to composite versus complex profile fixed that issue. In the end, I think that CADimage WallBuilder add on is much more powerful for doing most things without the performance issues. As to the railing question, I did not see that you answered my second issue where I cannot seem to change the material or color of parts – they get stuck. I can send that project file if you want to take a look at it. LMK.

    • Eric – Send me the file (or an excerpt) as well as a specific question and I’ll answer it during the next coaching call. I did spend some time looking at the railing tool and discussing a common issue that people often are confused about modifying individual elements (such as Posts). It wasn’t clear to me what your exact question or problem was – or I misread your email – so perhaps I answered a different question than what you posed.
      – Eric

  • Learned something new about using Renovation status to create schemes by “pinning” certain items to a status. Might be of some use, but this would be easier if AC allowed more than just the 3 Filter settings. It seems that they just build in a work-around? Good technique to know anyway. Thanks for that.

    • Eric – Yes, it would be a big improvement if there were more than three status tags (Existing, Demo and New). Note that you can have as many Filters as you want; pinning is connected to one of these Filters, rather than a Tag.
      – Eric

  • For adding zone names to sections, I am going to try both the workaround and the add on to see which is more helpful for me. Thanks for running through that. For a future coaching call, I would like to hear about how to get the associated zones to behave the way I think they should. I will send an email and example for you to look at. Thanks.

    • Eric – I look forward to seeing your email and helping you to get associated zones do what you need.

  • The roof/wall junctions shown would not be good enough for construction drawings because they over-simplify the very junctions that builders and carpenters want to see in detail. That’s the problem with 3D CAD! I am not convinced that one wouldn’t get a better, and more efficient, outcome with using the traditional Archicad approach of creating these details in 2D.

    • Cornelis – I’d be interested to see a 2D detail for one or more of the junctions that are being modeled, so I can assess how much extra effort would be required to do this entirely in 3D. Feel free to send me something via email to support@bobrow.com and I’ll take a look.
      – Eric

  • Just caught up with March 27 Conceptual design segment. Thank you for the discussion on cost – very useful for me. Makes me glad that I am working in metres and millimetres instead of 1/64″! Also found the use of the marquee tool to get precise length of building terrific and never thought of using it like that.

    • Hi Cornelis – Thanks for your comments and feedback on this lesson. I’m glad you found it so useful!
      – Eric

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