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How to understand section marker text, and how to adjust themEric zoomed into a section marker, went into Selection Setting Settings and showed how to modify0:06:02section marker
How to show roof panels - why do some not showEric trouble-shooted all possible reasons why some may not show (i.e. proper layer, renovation filter, height); he found the panels are set up to 'heal' when touching another one, he changed the appearance of the plan to see the outlines0:08:55roof panels
How to increase roof pitch without stretching the roof panelEric went to Roof Pivot Height & Pitch and altered the settings; showed some roof pitch settings and composites0:19:50Roof pitch, Pivot Point, Custom Edge Settings
How to make a skylight run with the pitch of the roofCaller had an unusual setup, Eric went through a bunch of options to understand & figure it out, and noted the Custom Edge Setting; in general, the simplest way to have an element follow the roof line is to make a copy of the roof, drop it down, slice it and modify to what you want, and then you'll end up with something that follows the roof line exactly.0:22:57Skylight on pitched roof, Custom Edge Setting, Roof Slice
Note: you cannot twist elements0:30:30twist elements
Note: a roof will only have one plane
How to make 2D walls showOn Floor Plan Display, select All Relevant Stories; caller had the wall on the wrong layer; adjusted View Settings, Layer Combinations; adjusted the fill to be transparent;0:32:40Floor Plan Display, Layer Combinations
Tip: the Ignore Zoom trick can be useful in some situations0:32:12Ignore Zoom
Note: the Floor Plan Cut Plane Setting is part of a particular View Setting, doesn't effect the entire plan0:39:43Floor Plan Cut Plane Settings
How to set up schedules and total the areasEric showed how to set up a schedule, add totals0:44:00Schedule setup, areas
Change zones to show roof panelAnother caller suggested changing the layer number to 0 to solve problem at timestamp 08:55; Eric reviewed what the layer numbers meant (i.e. putting elements on different layers so they ignore each other)0:47:34Layer 0
How to change line for door/window to be filled in to have a heavier line weightCaller had Grid Lines showing in 3D model, leading to a Grid Element discussion; Eric looked at the Renovation Filter, overrides, layers and Wall Contour Settings to try to show a door as filled in with heavier line weights on the Finished renovation filter. He couldn't figure it out and will look into later.0:57:55Grid Element Selection Setting, Renovation Filters, overrides
Note: don't need to load Object and Surface Library 22 with ArchiCAD Library 22, as the stuff in the Object & Surface Library is in ArchiCAD Library0:58:45ArchiCAD Library, Object & Surface Library
Tip: sometimes there are settings which are hidden because you don't want to see Wall Contour Lines; but if you turn the setting on you get options1:11:32Wall Contour Lines
Having trouble intersecting wallsEric pointed out the reference lines, how they weren't currently reaching either other and they needed to. Then he checked the Layer Settings and saw they were on different layers (they need to be on same layer to intersect). Eric went into a discussion of Building Materials, and the priorities, and wall composites so the intersecting walls cleaned up.1:13:29Wall Intersections, Reference Lines, Building Materials, Wall Composites
How to show insulation in differently so you can distinguish between old and new.Eric noted the simplest way is in the Wall Composite dialog, another option is to use a pen set that you turn on/off as needed1:24:34Pen sets, Wall Composites
How to do 3D views that show contour lines (so active models look like renderings)Eric went into View>3D View Options>3D styles and edited the contours section; shadows and sun position; Pen Set options1:27:303D views, Contours, sun projections, pen sets
How to adjust ceiling height and still keep ground floor level at zero.Eric worked in Story Settings. He showed how changing the elevation of the first floor did not effect the elevations of floors above. However, if he changed Height to Next, all the elevations changed. Another called mentioned editing in Section view, so Eric showed how to edit the Story Levels while in the Section Selection Settings.1:40:14Story Settings, Project Location, Section Selection Settings
Note: If you change height to next, all other floors change.1:58:32Story Settings
Note: send docs to
How to make 2 sets of elevations, one with shadowsShadows are part of marker settings; in View Map, the Presentation Elevations folder, right-click an elevation to Select Elevation marker on the Home Story and zoom to it - the section marker shows up, right-click and edit the Model Display settings in the Elevation Selection Settings dialog box and notice Sun Shadows box is checked. Use Graphic Overrides to eliminate sun shadows. Essentially, create one elevation marker and control with different graphic overrides to get desired look.2:11:00Elevations, Shadows, Marker Settings, Graphic Overrides
How to join moldings in a dormerEric showed how to draw a morph directly in an elevation. In the 3D view he unified them (Design>Modify Morph>Union) then used the tubular extrusion in the morph pet pal to modify the morph into the molding desired. Eric then shows how to make that molding using the beam tool.2:30:36Morph, Molding, Dormer, Tubular Extrusion Morph pet Palette, Beam Tool for molding
How to dimension, annotate in 3DNeed to create a 3D document from the 3D view, then added dimensions, text, etc.2:49:45Dimensioning in 3D, 3D Document, annotations
Note: the 3D document is linked to the model, so changes in model will be reflected on the doc; some editing can be done in the 3D document, but not everything; you're locked to the certain angle you created from the model2:54:003D Document
If your project template is set up for a variety of projects, can you delete the View Map folders you don't need?Discussion with caller about project templates, folder setup, if folders share information that shouldn't be deleted2:58:27Project template setup
How to print out fields with the schedules? Schedules, zones, area calculationEric gave a discussion of Fill tools - they allow you to delineate an area, show area text; they do not have categories, so you are limited with respect to organizing them; you can label them in ID & Properties dialog box, and you can give them layers. Eric then opened up a schedules and went into the Scheme Settings, and further discussion of zones; the caller looking for the best way to set up plans to get schedules of measured areas and subtotals (i.e. fills, zones, mesh...). Eric went into setting up a basic schedule using fills and went into the calculation options.3:11:08Fill tool, schedules, zones, Calculated Area, Expression Editor
Note: Zones - you can associate elements to them. Zones can have stamps with text associated to them (room, names, finishes, area..).3:22:45Zones
Caller suggested using a zone and drawing a fill over it, because you can't have overlapping zones and subtract area3:46:40Zone Selection Settings

Coaching call indexed by Julie Z. Caliri

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