ACP | March 14, 2019


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How to get just the "new" doors to show on a schedule?Each Schedule uses Criteria to produce a View.
The Renovation status is used to show "new items".
A Scheme is used to show "What" is in the field of the schedule, but the View Settings will determine "How it will look".
Model View Options are explored.
0:01:40Renovation, schedule, scheme, window/door settings, model view option
How to show a roof ridge height in Plan View?Eric shows three methods of how to do this.0:11:39roof, roof wizard, fill, level demension tool, label
An example of the Level Demension ToolThe Level Demension Tool is used to show information on a Floor Plan.0:18:40Level Demension Tool
How do you show, "To be Demolished" in red?Graphic Overides are used to overide the renovation appereance in a View. Eric also points out unique features that he uses in Master Template Renovation Views.0:22:20Renovation, pen sets, Graphic Overide
How do I change the orientation when placing Objects?The Geometry Method Box within the Object Settings is explained.0:30:15Object Tool, Geometry Method
How do you Scale items on a Schedule?Eric points out that a View in Archicad is a Model of the Data. In a Schedule, Scheme Settings determine "What" will be seen. View Settings are the Key to "How" it will look.0:35:00Schedule, Scale, View Settings, Scheme Settings, Layer
What is the best method to bring Lights into the Model?Eric displays the difference between a "floating or symbolic" IES Lighting tool and a "placed or real" Fixture Lighting tool in a Rendering. He also explains how rendering tools look at lighting.0:44:25Lighting, Lamp Tool, Rendering, Cinerender, Artlantis, IES lightMasters of ARCHICAD Andreas Lettner - training course on Cinerender
How do you imported and exported pen sets?In the Attributes Manager all of the attributes of a file are shown. Eric shows how to import, export and open them for further inspection. Opt>Attribute Mgr1:05:50Atribute Manager, xml file, stb file, txt file
How do you "clean up" Objects brought in from Sketch Up?An Object is brought in from Sketch Up, converted to a Morph and then modified to reduce Line Work.1:19:00Sketch Up, Morph, Line Reduction
Does Grouping command effect Roof Selection?Eric explains Roof Planes and How they group1:37:15Grouping, Select, Poly Roof
How do you join Multiple Windows and show them connected on a Schedule?Eric shows how to Create a Custom Window and put this on a Schedule. He also explores using a Non Rectangular WallHole object to cut a whole in a Wall.1:45:05Schedule, Window, Custom Window, Library Parts, Fill, Wallhole
How to explode a Schedule?Eric shows how to explode a Schedule in a Layout2:24:00Window Mulled, Restructure Table, Explode
How do you deal with Missing and Duplicated Library Parts?Eric explains How Archicad looks for Library Parts2:34:11Library Parts, lcf file
How do make a circular wall go from 5ft at the ends to 8ft in the middle?Eric explores options to create a curved wall. Be sure to watch Curved Wall Continued at 3:34 of this class to see another way to solve the problem.2:39:26Circular wall, SEO, Roof Tool, Inverse Cone, GDL, Curved Ramp
How do you make a Curved Roof on a Chapel?This is a wonderful example of the power of Archicad and the Creativity of the people that use it.3:09:27Curved Roof, Beam Tool, Shell Tool, Complex Profile
Curved Wall ContinuedA window is used to cut out a Curved Wall3:34:00Morph, SEO, Fill, Shell, Window Tool, Curved Ramp, Slack Curved Wall
How does a mod file work?Eric shows how to create and share mod file to Slack3:55:57mod file, Slack Curved Wall

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