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Coaching Call January 3, 2019Intro0:00:00
How to get one site plan to relate to multiple files (large project with many buildings, but on same site)When you have a project with multiple buildings (that each have their own elevations, etc.), it's easiest to create separate files for each building. Generally it's done with Hotlinked Modules - an external reference file (generally in Archicad format), when you link it in it's a non-editable file. When in the Site Plan, select all elements of one of the buildings. Eric went to File>External Content>Save Selection as Module, then saved it as an Archicad Solo Project (File Name.mod) in the Format dropdown menu and also selected Replace selection with this hotlinked module file. He then went through the dynamics of a hotlinked module.3:42:00Hotlink Modules, linked files, referenced files
How to bring in a garage as a reference fileSimilar to question above, caller has a garage as a separate .pln and wants to put in in site plan.0:49:07Hotlink Modules, linked files, referenced files
Hotlink modules won't bring in detailed drawings or layoutsHotlink Modules
How to change look of HotlinkDiscussion of the look of the Hotlink, the Hotlink Selection Setting0:53:22Hotlink Selection Setting
How to keep the site plan from picking up the floor plan, instead of just the building outline, of a referenced/hotlinked file?Eric went into the Hotlink Selection Settings and looked in the Master Layer dropdown menu, discussed Master - Module | Legend (vs | Buildings vs | Other) * Mod. The layers will show you different elements of the linked file. Eric then talked about the Model View Options and Graphic Overrides to get to desired look. (If you can't figure out how to hide unwanted details of a linked plan, simply use a fill to cover them.)0:58:05Hotlinks, Master-Module layers, Model View Options, Graphic Overrides
Should you limit the amount of linked buildings to a single file?Depends on size of linked files; if file starts to get real slow when loading recheck parameters; can also save buildings as objects so they load faster (selecting only what you need from the building, and then saving that as an object)1:08:10Hotlinks, save building as objects
When saving a file that has hotlinks, you may get a warning popup, asking if you want to update before closing.1:15:49saving hotlinked files
How to use same garage for multiple homes in a housing development(note: Using the marquee tool with heavy border will select everything from footings to roof). In this plan, makes sense to use marquee tool in 3D model to select the garage but not all the detail inside it.1:17:10Marquee tool
Tip: you can use an image/photo as the background for you model: View>3D View Options>3D Styles, and in that dialog box select Background, and check As in Photorendering1:22:09custom background
Why is file size so big?Eric went through the caller's plan to evaluate why the file is so large and talked generally what can make a file big, and how to downsize it1:17:20file size
How did the caller import his contours(referencing caller at 1:17:10 timestamp). Caller discussed his process using mesh tool and magic wand. He then mentioned how Archicad doesn't give a contour height for the ends of each contour line. Eric went on to discuss site plans, and contour lines; (O1:41:05) another caller mentioned use of Spot Elevations from the surveyor. Eric said the contour lines will give a better 3D terrain model.1:35:18contour plan
How to print with bold cut lines?Eric went to a section and then selected View>On-Screen View Options>Bold Cut Lines. Eric then went to View>On-Screen View Options>True Line Weight to point out the difference. The printer will recognize True Line Weights but not the Bold Cut Line option. Eric then went into a discussion of Pen Sets and how different Pen Sets may be good options for different purposes.1:52:40Print settings, Pen Sets
Note: you cannot select Bold Cut Lines if you have True Line Weight selected2:02:20True Line Weight, Bold Cut Lines
Eric then went into Section Selection setting and under Model Display he checked the box for Uniform Pen for Cut Elements. Verify there are no overrides if you don't see the changes you think you made2:03:00Section Settings, Uniform Pen Cut Elements
google 'check audio for webinar' to see if your audio is working before these coaching calls2:15:20webinar audio
How to make Views look like they do on the Sample Plan in Master TemplateEric: we have control over the visibility of elements in a variety of ways; the difference of the icons next to worksheets and plans; Eric talked about the Navigator, View Maps, Organizer2:17:41Master Template; Element visibility; Navigator, View Maps, Organizer, Eric showed how to drag plans onto pages, and then modify the layout to desired look
Note: reference layers do not carry over to Layout, it's a visual guide for coordination, not for printing2:32:01Reference Layers
Eric went on to discuss views and how to save views for layouts, and how to modify elements for certain views (i.e. roof lines for site plans)Views
Eric modified the Tool Selection for roofs in the Work Environment to adjust Graphisoft default setting (Work Environment>Tool Schemes>Tool Settings Dialog Box>Roof Tool)2:49:19Tool Schemes, Tool Settings
How to change the look of text on stairsEric went to Stair Selection Setting > Floor Plan Display > Up/Down Text and modified the look; If you just want to adjust the text in the model view, go to Model View Options>Stair Options>Up/Down Text2:53:12Stair text
In the Master Template, why is there a New & Demo plans?Eric said there are so many variations in renovations/remodels, so it may have it's use; not everything in Master Template will be used; Eric went on to look at the View Settings for Existing/New & Demo/Demolition Plans3:01:00Master Template New & Demo plans
How to change the look of section markersEric went into Section Selection Settings and under Marker Symbol and Text showed how to modify it, he also used the Eye Dropper tool to inject properties3:04:30Section marker appearance

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