2020 | 018 – Detailed Modeling Where Walls Meet Roofs

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ARCHICAD Training Lesson Outline

Detailed Modeling Where Walls Meet Roofs

We start today's training presentation with a short follow-up on a topic from the last session: how to manage interior doors with sills raised above the base of the wall to accommodate finish slabs and threshold transitions. A simpler option (available in the current ARCHICAD Library parts) is to add an oversize cutout below the door that removes the remnant of the wall below the panel, allowing finish slabs (or the top finish skin of a composite slab) to pass undisturbed.


Unlike Slabs, Columns and Beams, Roofs do not participate automatically in intersection calculations of Building Materials. This allows more flexibility in terms of modeling, and the use of either Solid Element Operations (clean and simple cuts) or the Connection menu (more accurate, intricate intersections).

SEO is a simple method to cut off the top of the walls: make the wall(s) the Target, the Roof(s) the Operator, and use Subtraction with Upwards Extrusion. This does a clean cut for the full volume of the roof to rest on top of the cut-off wall, useful for schematic design.

To have ARCHICAD generate an accurate model for roof/wall intersections using Building Material priorities, it is necessary to use either the Connect > Trim or Merge commands OR to model the wall with a complex profile that actually terminates precisely where it fits into the roof.

The Connect > Merge command and the Connect > Trim Elements to Roof or Shell give similar results in terms of intersection calculations, however Trim will also remove excess parts of a wall that go above the roof (or below, in the case of dormers or similar constructions).

Additional elements can be added into the junction area for eaves, rain gutters, etc. These can be used with SEO to create realistic section drawings and models.

ARCHICAD Training Lesson Transcript

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