2020 | 012 – Controlling Views, Layers & Elements

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ARCHICAD Training Lesson Outline

Controlling Views, Layers and Elements

On the Fly Layer Manipulation

  • Quick Options Layer Combination popup menu

  • Layer Settings dialog

  • Right-click on elements

  • QuickLayer Palette

Show Selection/Marquee in 3D - useful variations

  • Right-click on plan

  • Right-click in 3D

  • Keyboard shortcuts

Hide Locked Layers

  • Work Environment > Dialog Boxes and Palettes

  • Streamlines Layer selection

  • Requires a bit of extra management of Layer Combinations

  • Pros and Cons

Locking Layers vs Locking Elements

Locking due to Groups and Hotlinked Modules

View Settings in Navigator and Tabs

  • Double-click View to go to Viewpoint with defined context

  • Manually update View Settings any time

  • In AC20+ Tabs retain View Settings

  • Keyboard shortcut variations to bring up 3D

  • Transferring and Updating View Settings

  • Redefine with Current View

ARCHICAD Training Lesson Transcript

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