2020 | 031 – Fast Track – Precise Placement via Guides, Ruler and Constraints

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ARCHICAD Training Lesson Outline

Aligning and Placing Elements Using Guides, Rulers and Constraints

In today's lesson, we'll look at tools and methods for aligning and placing elements quickly and precisely.

Guide Lines and Snap Points

  • While in drawing or editing mode, hover over node points or edges, wait 1.5 seconds (default value), blue highlight indicates snap mode (Snap Points or Lines)
  • Move cursor in line with a snap point or edge and a dashed blue line will appear, making it easy to snap in line with the element
  • These are Temporary Guides that will disappear after the drawing or editing operation ends

Keyboard shortcuts:

  • Q will show snap points or edges immediately (without waiting 1.5 sec.)
  • L will turn off or on guide lines (or use toolbar button)
  • Escape cancels guide line input; can remove an individual guide line (hover over guide, go to orange handle, hit Escape)

Creating Lasting Guide Lines

  • Drag a guide line in from Guide Line tabs or Ruler, let go to place in line with point or edge (can even be a curved edge)
  • This works in 3D as well
  • Use Guide Line toolbar menu (or keyboard shortcut Alt-L / Shift/L) to place Guide Line Segment; this makes it easier to place elements in the center of a room or along a virtual distance

Moving guide lines

  • To move a guide line or segment, hover over the line, wait for orange handle shows, then drag from handle
  • Can use Tracker to set distance

Remove or Hide Guide Lines

  • Cancel Guide Line input using Escape key
  • Remove individual guide lines by hovering over the orange handle and hitting Escape, or dragging to the Guide Line tab and dropping into the trash can, or right-clicking on the handle and choose Remove Guide Line
  • Context menu in Guide Line tab offers options including Erase (Remove All or Erase Guidelines one by one)
  • Temporarily hide guide lines with L keyboard shortcut

Ruler and Measure Tool

  • Turn on Ruler using View menu > Ruler command
  • Gives numeric feedback on element dimensions
  • Right-click on Ruler for Cursor Projection option
  • Can also change Working Units from this menu (same as Options menu > Project Preferences)
  • Can drag new guide lines from Ruler

ARCHICAD Training Lesson Transcript

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