2020 | 037 – Fast Track – More Drawing and Editing Tips

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ARCHICAD Training Lesson Outline

More Drawing and Editing Tips

Filling in some gaps from previous lessons...

Geometry and Construction choices and shortcuts

  • G - cycle through geometry options
  • C - cycle through construction options
  • P - flip sides - works for walls, doors, windows

Doors and Windows

  • Sun symbol indicates "outside" for doors and windows
  • Flip button or keystroke P - flip to face or open to the other side of the wall
  • ROTATE - Command/CTRL-E - Rotate 180 degrees (Flip and Mirror)
  • MIRROR - Command/CTRL-M - Mirror across center axis OR edge OR other point in wall

Special Pet Palette options while drawing polygon elements

  • Undo / backtrack steps - delete key
  • Ending a polygon - double-click, click on first point, or right-click OK

Additional topics covered in this lesson:

Boolean operations with Pet Palette

Pet Palette - onscreen placement options

3D Window drawing and editing approaches

Temporary Section - for inspecting, editing and modeling

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