2020 | 029 – Site Modeling – Site Plan Drawings

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ARCHICAD Training Lesson Outline

Site Plan Drawings

Site plan drawings and presentations can be created from:

  • 2D (plan views of the ground floor or a special site plan story)
  • 3D views, or a 
  • Hybrid combining these views, possibly including graphics from external sources (satellite views, Photoshop or Illustrator treatments, etc.)

Plan Views 

  • Use ground floor story or separate site plan story
  • Layer combination to show desired combination of survey, terrain mesh, landscaping and property lines
  • Model View Options and Graphic Override Combinations allow simplification of wall representation
  • Color code with cover fills, zones and/or fills
  • Fills can use linear or radial gradients
  • Survey DWG can be shown in full or have internal layer controls
  • Alternative: redraw or copy/paste survey linework to show only what you want to see
  • Terrain Mesh - show user contours only
  • Point Elevations - on a separate layer to control visibility for grading plan; use option to show sea level reference
  • Landscaping objects can be 2D only or 3D elements
  • Roofs can be represented using native elements or substituted with 2D linework and/or fills

ARCHICAD Training Lesson Transcript

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