Morph Tool – Part 2

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ARCHICAD Training Lesson Outline

3D manipulations and applications of Morph elements

Example 1:

Editing Planes

  • Setting up an editing plane to draw on a surface
  • Drawing on that surface in any angled view
  • Extruding from that surface
  • Facing straight on to the surface - example of roof

Example 2: 

  • Drawing a 4 sided frame using a beam profile
  • Selecting the elements and converting to morph
  • Selecting the morph and rotating in 3D space
  • Using axis snaps to precisely rotate 90 degrees

Helpful visual aid:
Window > Palette > Drafting Aids

Example 3:

  • Converting a wall into a morph in order to slant the top
  • Other modifications to the wall geometry - curved top
  • What happens with doors or windows?
  • One way street - cannot go back and make it a wall again with doors and windows
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