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ARCHICAD Training Lesson Outline

In this lesson we'll go over the best ways I know to gain quick access to specific parts of the project.

This includes mouse actions and keyboard shortcuts, options in the Navigation area in the bottom left of each window, as well as methods for managing windows, tabs and screens.

Quick review: View Map vs Project Map

One can jump from story to story using palettes, menu commands or keyboard shortcuts (Command or CTRL-Up Arrow or Down Arrow)

Everyone knows that you can Zoom by rolling the Mouse wheel; however there are controls available in Work Environment > Input Constraints and Guides to allow scrolling (up, down, or sideways) using the trackpad or Magic Mouse surface by holding down the Option or ALT key.

Panning is done with the hand tool; the standard shortcut is pressing the middle mouse button. On a Mac, the Magic Mouse doesn't have a middle mouse button; one can install Magic Prefs (free; just Google it) to add an option for simulating a middle mouse button on the smooth surface.

Additional shortcuts I recommend learning:

  • Orbit in 3D - Shift plus Middle-Button press; or keyboard shortcut "O"
  • Previous and Next Zoom - Command/CTRL [ or ] (left or right bracket)
  • Fit in Window - Command/CTRL-' [quote] or Double-Middle-Click

On-screen Scale Percentage and Saved Zooms:

  • Use popup menu from percent display in navigation area
  • Can save, edit, and delete zooms
  • Zoom in to twice the percentage - double-click on magnifying plus icon

Another option is to save Zooms in View Settings

  • Use this for navigation OR simply for placing cropped views onto a sheet
  • Example: placing enlarged kitchen plan at 1/2", cropped view onto layout
  • Ignore Zoom is a good general option in View Settings

ARCHICAD Training Lesson Transcript

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