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Today's session - overview and big picture

Review of 2020 course and coaching program weekly schedule

  • Monday and Wednesday at 1 pm US Pacific - training modules
  • Thursday at 1 pm US Pacific - coaching
  • Coaching support via email to support@bobrow.com

2019 plans:

  • ARCHICADTraining.com - starting with all of my courses, possibly add other trainers
  • ARCHICADTutorials.com - starting with my videos with transcripts, add in other experts
  • ARCHICADUser.com - resources, directory - possibly a jobs board
  • bobrow.com - central place for announcements and links
  • My ARCHICAD Tutorials YouTube channel - better organized, continuing to add new content
  • Masters of ARCHICAD Summit - August?
  • Additional course ideas:
    • Quantity Take-offs and Cost Estimation with John Hallgarth
    • Grasshopper - Algorithmic Design
    • BIMCloud, Teamwork and Integrated Project Development

Community - building connections:

  • LinkedIn - ARCHICAD group
  • Masters of ARCHICAD Facebook group
  • Slack workspace
  • Jobs portal
  • Remote collaboration - facilitating outsourcing
  • Local and remote ARCHICAD training, coaching and consulting

Longer term: building up a more robust infrastructure to support ARCHICAD users, including training and coaching, consulting services; develop into something that is bigger and more enduring than me personally

Feedback and suggestions - compile list of who to get in touch with for tutorials, training, coaching, consulting

Coaching Call Index - opportunity for students or under-employed users

Transcription - Additional notes and headings

January focus:

  • Intro for course - today and Wednesday (review of well-structured projects)
  • MasterTemplate and ARCHICAD USER webinars (volunteers and suggestions welcome)
  • QuickStart (recorded offline)
  • Build-out of new websites
    • Firming up the 2020 course outline
    • Creating the lesson framework
    • Adding classic BPC videos to these pages

Starting in February, focus on creating the new lessons

ARCHICAD Training Lesson Transcript

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Introduction0:00Course intention: to cover the widest breadth & depth of ARCHICAD usageCourse intention
Today's Session2:22An overview of big picture plans, the way Eric plans on providing resources for the AC community, and development of the AC community connections.
Course Schedule3:102020 Course: Monday & Wednesdays at 1pm Pacific Time, almost every week of the yearSchedule
Coaching Calls: Thursdays at 1pm; people can email in questions ahead of time, submit files, learn how to apply Best Practices in their specific projects
Websites5:01ARCHICADtraining.com: courses, coaching calls, will have full transcriptsARCHICADtraining.comARCHICADtraining.com
ARCHICADtutorials.com: videos with transcripts, add in other experts, the go-to spot for free YouTube tutorials (by Eric and other AC users)ARCHICADtutorials.comARCHICADtutorials.com
ARCHICADuser.com: resources, directory, possible job board; place for users to share expertiseARCHICADuser.comARCHICADuser.com
bobrow.com: announcements and links,bobrow.combobrow.com
Wednesday session11:10an intro session about “What is a well-structured ARCHICAD Project?" what are opportunities we have for developing an AC project; into to the Master Template project to demonstrate different components
ArchicadUser.com detail15:03Eric talked more about his ambitions for this site, connecting AC users, sharing knowledge, being able to access the directory, possibly a job board, remote collaboration; free membershipARCHICADuser.com
Best Practices course20:25moving from ACBestPractices.com to ArchicadTraining.com; you can watch the video, read the transcriptBest Practices coursehttps://archicadtraining.com/courses/2020/
Master Template21:46Eric updating the MasterTemplate as part of the next 3 weeks of course training, will be showing how to customize it so users can make it their own.MasterTemplatehttp://www.actemplate.com
Masters of Archicad23:26website going since 2015; the Summit Conference, Training Series and training courses, all will be moved (with transcripts) to Archicadtraining.comMasters of ARCHICADmastersofarchicad.com
BIM Server25:24:00BIM cloud services; Graphisoft won't let you install BIMcloud in the cloud and charge people to access it as a business, but you can create a BIMcloud serverBIMcloud, BIM server
Is there a place to request specific BIM components28:07:00Eric can recommend 2 or 3 people who do a lot of GDL programming and might be available for specific component, but there may be some ways to do more collaborative things and develop a resource portal; someone suggested setting up a separate workstation for the purpose of sharing. Eric noted the potential of slowdowns, and it's best to have on a separate computer.Resource portal, BIM components
Integrative Project Development30:30:00Eric looking into possibility of have a separate course on integrative project development when you're working with consultants more actively and doing a lot of file exchangesIntegrative Project Development
YouTube channel tutorials32:22:00Will be adding more content and organizing the YouTube channel, as well are direct people to ArchicadTraining.com for transcriptsYouTubehttps://www.youtube.com/EricBobrow
Masters of Archicad Summit32:54:00Looking to do another summit in August, let Eric know if you have any suggestions for contentSummit
Quantity Takeoffs & Cost Estimations33:56:00Looking into doing a course on quantity takeoffs and cost estimation; mention of John Hallgarth's presentation on his quantity analysis, and his interest in teaming up to do a course about itQuantity Takeoffs & Cost Estimations; John Hallgarth
Grasshopper tool35:34:00Design tool Rhino (free-form modeler) has a really interesting programming environment for creating algorithmic design, and Grasshopper is a way of leveraging that programming environment, and it can connect to ARCHICAD; possibility of an Archicad expert doing a course on it this yearGrasshopper, Rhino
Connecting with other users37:42:00Eric interested in how many people visited Archicad Talk (the Graphisoft forum for asking & answering questions), the ARCHICAD group on LinkedIn; essentially Eric wants to create an environment that would carry on without him working long hours, where the community would assist each otherArchicad Talk
Coaching Call indexes and transcriptions48:19:00Looking for someone to index calls; he's having transcriptions made of all the courses
3rd party add-ons - issues and/or potential52:32:00Noting he isn't an expert in those tools, Eric said he will look into cooperating with those developersAdd-ons
Linda.com for tutorials53:59:00A resource that has lessons on many things, as well as some Archicad lessonsLinda.comLinda.com
teacher Josh Bone57:45:00A caller brought up Josh Bone as a good teacher, Eric confirmed thatJosh Bone
CADImage for windows58:38:00Eric talked with a caller about CADImage for windows, the eye dropper tool; switching from one library part to another but keep parameters he same
Closing summary and outlook1:00:29Will be looking at 3 projects: the Master Template sample, Roderick Anderson's project and Tim Ball's project.MasterTemplate sample project; Roderick Anderson, Tim Ball
Section on Master Template installation.MasterTemplate installation
Work on QuickStartQuickStart
Using Slack for communicating to the group during sessionsSlack
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