Morph Tool – Introduction

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ARCHICAD Training Lesson Outline

Introduction to the Morph tool.

Geometry options - polyline, rectangle, box, revolved

Demonstration of drawing on plan, viewing in 3d

Demonstration of drawing directly in 3d window


  • Entire morph - standard arrow
  • Subselection of morph faces or edges using Arrow tool variation or keyboard shortcut (Shift-Control mouse-press)

Common editing options using the pet palette

  • Push/pull
  • Tube
  • Reposition edge

Usage Example: Tracing a moulding profile and extruding

Drawing a guide for tube extrusion, turning corners

Unifying multiple morphs

Drawing in a Section or Elevation view, placement in 3D model

Edge definitions - hard, soft, hidden

Changing selected edge settings vs edge settings for the entire morph

Adding chamfers and fillets to edges - individually or for the entire morph

Resolution setting options for fillets

Converting elements into a morph

  • Using this to modify details of complex elements (e.g. Stair tread)
  • Using this to soften or simplify edges of imported objects
  • Resaving as an object
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