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ARCHICAD Training Lesson Outline

If you understand the wall tool in depth, you understand a majority of the working process in ARCHICAD.

In this training, I go over general concepts that should be familiar to all users, however I attempt to explain principles from a fresh point of view. Below are a series of bullet points that were used as an outline for the session.

Wall Settings Dialog

  • Geometry and Positioning
  • Floor Plan and Section
  • 3D Model
  • Data (Classification and Properties)
  • Layer
  • Favorites

Element settings vs geometry in project

Anchors: Reference Planes and Story Elevation Links

Attribute selection from menus vs dimensional info

Option selection affects other choices available (e.g. Basic, Composite, Complex Profile)

Linked attribute settings vs Overrides

  •  Layer, Building Material, Composite, Complex Profile
  •  Surfaces based on Building Materials or Overridden

Floor Plan Display Options - uses active Floor Plan Cut Plane

Home story and visibility on other stories

Spanning multiple stories

Model View Options changes

Graphic Override changes

Pen Sets

Renovation tagging and filtering (and limits of this system)

Free-standing, connected, intersected

Layer intersection groups

Junction order

Progressive level of detail: Basic, Composite, Complex Profile

ID, Schedule and Property Data

Label data options


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