2020 | 024 – Site Modeling – Project Location, Story Settings, Intro to Terrain Mesh

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ARCHICAD Training Lesson Outline

Site Modeling – Project Location, Story Settings, Intro to Terrain Mesh

Project Location information allows you to coordinate the project model with real world elevations in an intuitive fashion.

Project 0 is most commonly the reference level of the ground floor story, although it can be any convenient local reference (grade outside the building, or a geodetic survey point). Story Levels are set in relation to this value.

Use the Options menu > Project Preferences > Project Location dialog to set the altitude of your Project 0 before you create a terrain model. This sets the relation of Project 0 to Sea Level or another standard reference such as AHD (Australian Height Datum).

North direction can be set in this dialog or in the related menu command under Project Preferences, either visually (rotating the arrow indicator) or numerically. The North Arrow object can be set to automatically point to the correct direction on a plan based on this setting.

Maps generally place North at the top of the page, however it is common to align architectural drawings and models to have the building (or a primary section of it) on the orthogonal axes. Imported survey drawings can be rotated to allow a convenient orientation for work and document production; Site Plan Views and Drawings may easily be rotated back to match map references.

ARCHICAD Training Lesson Transcript

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