2020 | 010 – Navigator Best Practices

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ARCHICAD Training Lesson Outline

ABP-2020 February 11 - Navigator Best Practices

Navigator Review

  • Project Map - Viewpoints in folders (Stories, Elevations, Sections, Details, Worksheets, 3D Views, etc.)
  • View Map - Views of these Viewpoints with Settings to define appearance
  • Layout Book - Sheets with Drawings for printing, plotting or publishing
  • Publisher - Output of Views or Layouts in various formats
  • Project Chooser - Dropdown menu, various options and controls 


  • Double-wide view of Navigator
  • Facilitates organizing structure of project quickly

Key Principles

  • Information flows from left to right: Project Map > View Map > Layout Book > Publisher
  • Names are inherited if you use the automatic naming option

Best Practices

  • Set useful Viewpoint names in the Project Map so they flow "downhill" to the Layout sheet
  • Viewpoint names can be set in Project Map; they can be preset in the Marker default settings (so the next Viewpoint created by that Marker has the name set up in the Default Settings)

Clone Folders

  • To create a Clone Folder, click the Clone Folder icon button at the bottom of the View Map (rather than Save Current View). Choose the Project Map folder that you want to clone, and verify that the Settings are correct (Layer Combination, Scale, Model View Options, Graphic Overrides, etc.).
  • Clone Folders will create Views for ALL Viewpoints in a particular Project Map folder based on these Settings. This is a tremendous time saver, and increases consistency.
  • These Views are initially based on the overall Settings for the Clone Folder (Layer Combination, Scale, MVO, GO, Dimensions, etc.) but can be renamed and have individual settings for scale or layer combination etc. and the individual names can be set as Custom to make them more appropriate (particularly important for Plan views such as "First Floor RCP" etc.).
  • One CANNOT delete Views from inside a Clone Folder, but one can change the name to indicate particular Views are not applicable (e.g. you may not have an MEP Plan for the Roof Story).
  • Clone Folders are highly recommended for Sections, Elevations, Interior Elevations and Details, since these Viewpoints usually are linked to single Views that are placed onto a Layout Sheet as a Drawing. All of these Views usually have the same Settings as the Clone Folder, with minor exceptions such as scale.
  • Clone Folders may also be used for Stories, Worksheets etc. but there are tradeoffs since there may be unnecessary/inappropriate Views created, especially if your project is a single story and the Roof and Foundation stories will not need clones of these Views. In that case, you may prefer to define individual Views for the Plan drawings (e.g. Floor, Roof, Foundation, RCP, Furniture, Structural) 
  • The order of Viewpoints in a Clone Folder is determined by the alphanumeric sort order of the Viewpoints. It is best to group similar Viewpoints (such as Roof Details) by using a common prefix as an identifier (e.g. RF-01, RF-02) so they are listed separately from Foundation Details (e.g. FN-01, FN-02, etc.).

ARCHICAD Training Lesson Transcript

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