Hotlinked Modules Intro

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ARCHICAD Training Lesson Outline

Note: Topics marked below with *** are covered in the next lesson.

Uses of Hotlinked Modules (HLM)

  • Multi-Unit designs - Hotel, Office, Condo, Multi-Family
  • Multi-Story - Floor Plates (can include HLM units within floor plate)
  • Repetitive Design elements - stairwells, balconies, etc.
  • Multi-Building projects - 2 or more buildings on one site

Special Applications

  • Link to part of a project - based on MOD export
  • *** Interactive Legends
  • *** Office Standard elements, groups or assemblies
  • *** Design schemes or options


  • Multi-Unit
  • Multi-Story
  • Multi-Building
  • *** Master Layer controls
  • *** Design Elements / Interactive Legends
  • *** Hotlink ID
  • *** Filtering schedules to exclude all hotlinks, or those with a specific ID


  • Single story vs. Entire PLN
  • Retain story heights vs adapt to host project
  • Rotation, elevation, mirroring (explanation of annotation anchors)
  • PLN vs MOD
  • *** Auto-update vs. Manual update (+ Refresh options in HLM Manager)

Limitations, Cautions & Clarifications

  • Design elements are only editable in source file
  • Elements clean up in context (walls join, intersections calculated, etc.)
  • Schedules work (although element info not editable in host file)
  • Can filter schedules for the project using Criteria
  • *** Attributes are set based on the host project (can be different than source of HLM)
  • *** Internal link to part of a project - based on Story
  • *** Use grouping, marquee and/or layer combination to create MOD
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