2020 | 013 – View Settings and Onscreen Display Options

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ARCHICAD Training Lesson Outline

More on View Settings and Onscreen View Options

View Settings vs. Onscreen View Options
  • View Settings are restored whenever you activate a View
  • Onscreen View Options are states of the program; enduring through whatever views you open up; they do not affect printing and output
View Settings
  • Name and ID
  • Layer Combination - controls which elements you see (in combination with the viewpoint and renovation filter)
  • Scale - controls the size of text, markers and line weights in relation to building elements
  • Model View Options - controls the level of detail and presence or absence of linework
  • Graphic Override - controls graphic appearance, allows modification of Fills, Pens and Surfaces for different purposes and contexts
  • Renovation Filter - determines which elements are shown (Existing, Demo and/or New) and whether they are shown with original settings or with an override (in combination with Graphic Override combinations)
2D / 3D Documents
  • Floor Plan Cut Plane Settings - controls which elements are shown for floor plans, and how they are drawn based on horizontal planes and limits
  • Dimensioning - controls the style and level of accuracy (decimal places or fractional rounding) for all dimension annotation in the view
  • Zooming - the zoom and position of the View when double-clicked and/or when placed onto a Layout sheet; in conjunction with checkbox "Ignore zoom and rotation when opening this view"
3D Only
  • Filter and Cut Elements in 3D - which elements are shown based on category, stories, vertical range or marquee

ARCHICAD Training Lesson Transcript

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